We handle tree removal projects throughout Austin, TX with ease

Need to Remove Trees for Your Next Big Landscaping Project?

Whether you have a decaying tree on your property, or you need to remove a few trees before you can begin your landscaping project, Austin Stump Buster can take care of your problem trees. We handle small to medium-sized tree removal projects in Austin, TX. Our expert will remove your trees precision and care to avoid ruining your curb appeal.

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How you can tell when to remove a tree

While trees are beautiful and can be beneficial to your landscape, they're also susceptible to storm damage and infections. You'll want to get rid of damaged or diseased trees ASAP. You should also arrange for tree removal services if you notice:

  • Vertical cracks in the trunk
  • Mushrooms growing around the base
  • Bark chipping or peeling from the trunk
If you notice any of these signs, get in touch with us today to discuss your tree removal needs with an expert.

We handle minor tree removal projects throughout Austin, TX

When you need a small- to medium-sized tree removed from your property in Austin, TX, call on Austin Stump Buster for reliable tree removal services. We'll come take a look at your problem tree and let you know if we have the right equipment to remove it safely.

Call 512-202-5638 now to schedule your free tree removal assessment. You can trust us to remove small trees from your property in a timely manner.